Ann Christina Robson

Weaver / Artist I love colour, yarns, fabrics, and recycling them. I am a weaver but also I can’t help doing some rag work as well sometimes.

Woven Tapestry – Currently I am developing ideas from visual diaries. The work emerges only after observing, drawing ,photographing and experimenting. During weaving ideas continue to evolve too. I particularly enjoy walking and becoming familiar with the details of a landscape, storing up memories, images or gatherings that may lead to the making of a tapestry or a series of tapestries!

Fabric Design – My wonderful twelve shaft countermarch loom provides me with the means to weave designs which can become complex. The technical capabilities are a source of inspiration and fascination. Simple in construction, or not, my fabrics are usually colourful.

To be a weaver is to be a practitioner of  an ancient craft  that still continues to have  completely contemporary possibilities and this particularly appeals to me.

The photos on my page are just a selection from various projects.

Fabric, Paper and Thread is a ‘sideline’. I have been using unwanted materials e.g. paper sample books and discarded t-shirts to make necklaces and pendants. Its a recycling idea – turning ordinary things into non-precious jewellery. People seem to like them! is my contact email. Please do get in touch if you are interested in my work. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Producing individually designed pieces of the highest quality