Jane Woledge

Rug Weaver

I studied weaving with Geraldine Brock and obtained a City and Guilds qualification in weaving and, after completing the college’s Designer Craftsman course, licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. I then joined Dodeka Designers and have continued to weave, mostly rugs.

My rugs are woven on a 4 shaft loom. For many of my rugs I have used vertical soumak techniques and tufting to enrich a plain-weave rug fabric. This gives considerable freedom of design and luxurious texture. I also weave rag rugs, using a Finnish method involving three wefts, which allows the blending of colours.

The vertical soumak rugs are woven in 80/20 wool/nylon rug yarn on a cotton or wool/nylon warp with other yarns added where their special qualities are needed in the design. The rag rugs are woven on cotton warp and the rag weft is mostly cotton or cotton/polyester mixtures. All my rugs are suitable for domestic use as floor rugs or as wall hangings. The rag rugs are machine washable on a wool cycle and the soumak rugs should be dry-cleaned.

As well as rugs I also make some smaller items such as bags and cushions.

I take my inspiration from both the natural and man-made environment, being particularly interested in worn surfaces and colour blending.

Commissions considered – Please call 01629 826 018.

Email: jane.woledge@gmail.com


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